• Google Penalty Recovery and Removal Services

    Ever since Google embarked on Mission Cleanup, we’ve seen a sea of changes in the SEO industry. Search engine algorithms are continually tweaked and improved to offer users spam free access to accurate content. And those that do not comply with its guidelines fall prey to a penalty.

    How do we help?

    A problem well defined is a problem half-solved. The solution to your problem lies in;

    Identifying the cause

    Out of the dozen or more reasons for a penalty, we identify the right one by analyzing the website vis-à-vis the webmaster tools data, analytics data, etc.

    Suggest Remedial Action

    Possible solutions include using the disavow tool, send a request for reconsideration, curate your content, get the offending links to be removed, etc.

    What is a Google Penalty?

    Websites that have indulged in manipulative techniques or fail to impress users with unique and fresh content have to face a Google Penalty. There are usually two reasons for a penal action;

    • Employing Manipulative Techniques: These are again categorized into two- on site and off site. While the former refers to tweaking technical aspects within the site, the later refers to efforts outside the site. Examples of offsite tweaking include link buying, content farming, etc.
    • Providing Boring and Copied Content: Content that is skimmed from different sites without proper research makes it seem less useful to users.

    A penalty can be manual or algorithmic:

    • Manual Penalty: Google has manually reviewed your site for ‘pure spam’ or content that displays the most obvious spam activities.
    • Algorithmic Penalty: Google frequently updates its search algorithms that reiterate its basic webmaster guidelines. The most common updates in the recent past have been the Panda Update, the Penguin Update and the Hummingbird Update.

    Recognizing a Penalty:

    • Your website does not rank well for your brand.
    • Search rankings for important keywords drop by several pages
    • Your website has been removed from Google’s search results
    • You’ve run a search site on ‘yourdomain.com keyword’ and there’s zero result

    Where could you have possibly gone wrong?

    You may have indulged in one or many of the below activities;

    • Engaged in link manipulation: Buying links, indiscriminate link exchange, etc. are considered execrable by Google
    • Duplicate or Useless Content: Copying someone else’s content or offering content that does not offer any real value to the user is bad. Similarly stuffing keywords to attract search engine bots also affects search rankings.
    • Indulged in onsite manipulation: Overusing H1 tags, internal 404 redirects, manipulating footer links, hidden links, broken links, etc. are indicative of a possible penal action
    • Over-optimization: Too much of anything including SEO can be bad.
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